Freestyle Bullshitting (and how to deal with it)

  It's 33 degrees in Berlin. "Really hot, really unusual", the real Europeans say. German-speaking ones say "Man, zu heiß!" Some others, instead of complaining about the weather and doing some mundane summer things, prefer to bullshit about the current recruitment trends and how inhuman, robotic, non-mindful the job interviews and human resources people are. … Continue reading Freestyle Bullshitting (and how to deal with it)


Nope, Not You

If you are something like me, you have this very patient friend who doesn't get pissed when you decide not to meet 20 minutes before your agreed meeting time. In a very pre-menstrual moments of both of you, it is usually you that goes grumpy. Every once in a while the same friend sends you … Continue reading Nope, Not You

DIY: How To Make a Woman With the Balls

My first public DIY project comes for those who have the symptoms stated below; You've started to question "the stuff" and kind of noticed that you are not the subject of grammatically active sentences. Plus the sentences flying around you (that forms the 89% of your life) are mostly in passive structure. You're the follower of the … Continue reading DIY: How To Make a Woman With the Balls

Kids Gone Digital, So What!?

Disclaimer: Written by a human whose solo time need is so bad that, in times of socialization it makes her stay in the bathroom way longer than needed. Question: Why trade going out to the digital socialization? Hint: The answer is not modern day social competence and behavior problems -if you consider them problems- like introversion, … Continue reading Kids Gone Digital, So What!?

Statement of Purpose (or the complete lack thereof)

After waiting (reads like procrastinating) for at least 5 months to hit the publish, I finally decided to start with a bunch of reasons behind the need of communicating thoughts via a content management system. Even though I'm aware that figuring out reasons before taking action with intent to justify myself is not a good … Continue reading Statement of Purpose (or the complete lack thereof)