Statement of Purpose (or the complete lack thereof)

After waiting (reads like procrastinating) for at least 5 months to hit the publish, I finally decided to start with a bunch of reasons behind the need of communicating thoughts via a content management system. Even though I’m aware that figuring out reasons before taking action with intent to justify myself is not a good habit and giving up it needs to be among my 2017 goals, I let myself do, for now. Credits for my consciousness.

The very reason for me to spend extremely precious hours of the nightmarish year 2017 by madly hitting the keyboard is pretty similar to Hillary Clinton’s thoughts on baking cookies. I normally avoid trusting people, including myself and politicians, yet I exceptionally endorse Hillary for this badass speech. I also assume that many people, by whom this digital space has been partly inspired, have the same reasons for making a leap, characteristics of which is making people start from the scratch and question the necessity of the move itself. “You don’t have to, yet can’t help but take the untaken path.”
The facts might be;
1. The urge to get rid of that weight is so intense that I don’t even want to hit the spacebar, thisishowbadIwanttogetridofmyfeels. (Just heard someone else’s ideas about the same mood, that’s why I’m writing kind of confidently. Misery loves company, so does insecurity.)
2. What else would a human do with a well-functioning laptop and internet connection?
3. The drive to throw up. Not because they are unique, smart, priceless, but because they are mine and maybe yours.
4. Beating the fear of facing my imperfection.
5. Because other alternatives to writing are;
  • Hula hooping.
  • Reading the label on a Greek yogurt container enough times to enlighten a stranger about the nutrition facts of this product in the dairy department of a grocery store in Neukölln.
  • Looking for ways to better your future as if all those shitty politicians, who have built a perfect hell on earth (or turned the earth into an open-air grave) then just painted the word of future (if not changed the definition of it or removed from the lexicon) black and put some stench of carrion on it, do not exist.


A better idea; Stop everything and play this until your brain gets limp.





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