Kids Gone Digital, So What!?


Disclaimer: Written by a person whose solo time need is so bad that, in times of socialization it makes her stay in the bathroom longer than needed.  

You may or may not disagree, but…

Why trade going out to the digital socialization? This is the question answer of which is already clear to me. Still, somewhat popped up in mind while having my well deserved Sunday coffee. Hint: The answer is not modern day social competence and behavior problems -if you consider them problems– like introversion, social stress disorder, anxiety about which you can find more information on your facebook newsfeed on any given weekend. The answer is, as a concept socialization itself mostly centered around having small talks, getting drunk, which will be probably followed by “the drunker you get the more small talk skills you will develop and in 24 hours -if not 12- all those people and small talk and fun will ghost the scene of socialization and you will be left behind with your sober-time-concerns and terminal hungover, that leads mindless food consumption”. Science says so.

To very sober self of me, this scenario sets some rules of participation; it is kind of a group therapy, and all those people come here to get rid of everyday problems and the small talk and being shallow and getting drunk is not the downside; it is the goal itself, so-called fun. That’s why I am editing my thoughts before I let them out of my brain lobes, not to step on someone’s toe.

Me talking to myself: “Just because you are invited doesn’t mean that you’re expected to show up!”

Unlike the aforementioned concept, digital existence doesn’t stop you share whatever you want to share, it could be shallow as “Trump suck, Berlin rocks” or deep as “The Wretched of the Earth”. You may or may not be in your bathrobe with a glass of wine, or butt-naked with a cup of herbal tea. Still, have the same possibility of reaching out people who might react positive, negative or keep neutral. But the thing is, you already filtered the target group and reached the ones who might be up for a read.   

Extremely Important Note: That being written, I DO NOT overlook the darker implications of the irrepressible digital revolution. Just be aware of the fact that the humanity has been optimized to behave so. Here comes the very credible Adam Curtis for the ones who are RIGHTFULLY skeptical.



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